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WHEN I SIT DOWN Two Films By Samuel Stevens (DVD & booklet)

Image of WHEN I SIT DOWN Two Films By Samuel Stevens (DVD & booklet)

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Two films by the artist Samuel Stevens, Sin Papeles (2005), Atlantropa (2009) and a limited edition (100) booklet When I Sit Down To Write, A Case for Political Conscience containing a preface by the artist, source material from the films and an essay by the artist film maker Stephen Connolly.

This DVD and booklet set brings together two film works that explore issues of migration as they manifest in contemporary Spain. Sin Papeles (2005) relates the encounter of the artist with a site of migrant resistance - the Santa Maria del Pi Church in Barcelona - host to a hunger strike by migrants in 2001. Stevens' award winning film Atlantropa (2009) presents restricted images of the Ceuta frontier anchored by a voiceover spinning a loose narrative around a fictional bridge - spanning the Gibraltar Straits connecting Europe and North Africa - as the film visually explores the infrastructure of the Spanish-Moroccan frontier.
Sam Stevens is a London based English artist. The visual language established in his work presents the audience with critical yet often poetic forms in film, video and still imagery. Individual works focus on and examine recurrent themes such as the politics and visual codes of landscape, borders, migration, and public space.